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Palbonix 125mg (Palbociclib)

Product Name : Palbonix(Palbociclib)
Generic Name : Palbociclib
Formulation : Capsule
Available Pack Size : 21’s Pot
Available Strengths : 21’s Pot
Registrations : Export Only

Product Description

What is Palbonix 125mg?

Palbonix 125mg is an anti-cancer drug, formulated as a hard capsule, with the main ingredient Palbociclib popularized as a kinase inhibitor. Palbonix 125mg medicine is used for advanced-stage breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer treatment.

Drug information Palbonix 125mg

  • Pharmacotherapeutic group: Anticancer drugs, kinase inhibitors.
  • Active ingredient: Palbociclib.
  • Content: 125mg.
  • Dosage form:  Hard capsule.
  • Origin:  Bangladesh.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

  • The drug palbociclib is a cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) 4 and 6 inhibitor. Cyclin D1 and CDK4/6 are downstream of signaling pathways leading to cell proliferation. In vitro, palbociclib decreased cell proliferation of estrogen receptor (ER)-positive breast cancer cell lines by blocking cell progression from the G1 phase into the S phase of the cell cycle.
  • Treatment of breast cancer cell lines with a combination of the drug palbociclib and antigen resulted in decreased phosphorylated retinoblastoma Rb protein resulting in decreased E2F signaling and expression, and increased growth arrest compared with treatment treated with each drug alone.

Drug interactions

  • CYP3A Inhibitors: Avoid concomitant use of palbociclib with strong CYP3A inhibitors. If a strong inhibitor cannot be avoided, reduce the dose of Palbociclib.
  • CYP3A Inducers: Avoid concomitant use of palbociclib because of strong CYP3A inducers.
  • CYP3A Substrates: The dose of sensitive CYP3A4 substrates with narrow therapeutic indices may be reduced when co-administered with palbociclib.
  • Food Interactions: Grapefruit, grapefruit juice and products with grapefruit extract may increase palbociclib plasma concentrations and should be avoided.

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