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We all now say that cancer is a chronic disease, not a terminal illness. Why do you say that, and on what basis?

Frontier Information of Health Prediction Station: With the research and development of medicine, doctors and experts have proposed: If there are drugs with very low toxicity and are very effective in the treatment of tumors, we can use them for a long time. Switch to another drug, and take it for a few more years. Then this may turn cancer into a chronic disease.

Targeted drugs bring a leap forward in lung cancer treatment.

Targeted drugs have brought lung cancer closer to a chronic disease. Referring to the situation in the United States, the median survival of people with EGFR mutations in the American population has been 4.3 years. This process includes the first-generation targeted drug Iressa, the third-generation targeted drug Teresa, and subsequent chemotherapy, etc., program contribution.

Foreign experts have found through clinical research that the survival and effectiveness of targeted drugs in the eastern population is significantly better than that of the western population. It is called “God’s gift to the oriental”! So the median of the American population is 4.3 years, will our Chinese population be higher?

So when it comes to targeted drugs, there are many friends who do not know whether they can use targeted drugs. The editor will give you some tips here: Before using targeted drugs, you must do genetic testing! Don’t ever think that doctors are asking us to do genetic testing to make us spend more money, no! Only by doing genetic testing can we know which targeted drug to use. This is actually helping us to do more precise treatment, save more time, and avoid detours.

Without tissue, genetic testing can also be done with blood! If you want to use tissue for testing, the tissue is best within six months.

But it mentions the use of targeted drug therapy and genetic testing. Are there many looking for friends who are confused again? I don’t know which targets should be tested, and which drugs can be used? The following editors have sorted out which targets of lung cancer, which targeted drugs correspond, and whether these drugs are listed in China, USA, UK, Combodia, Ukrain for your study and reference.

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