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Sofoxen 400 mg (Sofosbuvir)

Product Name : Sofoxen
Generic Name : Sofosbuvir
Formulation : Tablet
Available Pack Size : 28’s
Available Strengths : 400 mg
Registrations : Bangladesh

Product Description

Sofosbuvir is nucleotide analog inhibitor, which specifically inhibits HCV NS5B (non-structural protein 5B) RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. Following intracellular metabolism to form the pharmacologically active uridine analog triphosphate (GS-461203), sofosbuvir incorporates into HCV RNA by the NS5B polymerase and acts as a chain terminator. More specifically, Sofosbuvir prevents HCV viral replication by binding to the two Mg2+ ions present in HCV NS5B polymerase's GDD active site motif and preventing further replication of HCV genetic material