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Crizotinib 250mg (Crizonix)

Product Name : Crizotinib (Crizonix)
Generic Name : Crizotinib
Formulation : Capsule
Available Pack Size : 28’s
Available Strengths : 250mg
Registrations : 08.07.2021

Product Description

What is Crizonix 250mg?

Crizonix 250mg is a prescription medicine containing the ingredient Crizotinib, which is a tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitor. Crizonix 250mg is indicated for the treatment of patients with non-small cell lung cancer, either in advanced or metastatic stage of the disease.

Drug information Crizonix 250mg 

  • Active ingredient: Crizotinib
  • Content: 250mg.
  • Drug class: Anticancer drugs, tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
  • Dosage form: Capsules.
  • Packaging:  Box of 28 tablets.
  • Origin:  Bangladesh.

Pharmacological properties and mechanism of action


  • Active ingredient Crizotinib is a tyrosine kinase receptor inhibitor that includes ALK, Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor (HGFR, c-Met), ROS1 (c-ros) and Recepteur d'Origine Nantais (RON). Translocations can affect the ALK gene leading to the expression of oncogenic fusion proteins.


  • Absorption: Following a single oral dose in the fasted state, crizotinib is absorbed with a mean time to peak concentrations of 4 to 6 hours.
  • Distribution: 91% of crizotinib is bound to plasma proteins and is independent of drug concentration.
  • Metabolism: crizotinib is metabolised by CYP3A4/5 enzymes.
  • Elimination: Following a single radiolabelled dose of crizotinib 250 mg to healthy subjects, 63% and 22% of the administered dose was recovered in feces and urine, respectively.

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